oh bugger ive done it again

yep I’ve gone and bought this


Its a brand new Landrover City Folding bike.


yes yes I know what you’re thinking. “you’ve only just bought the Mongoose, why another bike?”


Well I’ll tell you.

2 reasons really. 1, I’ve always fancied one and 2, I ride alot with my 2 sons (8 and 3) and the Mongoose isn’t really suited for the places we go.

My thought process goes a little like this. I hate and I mean HATE using a bike rack on the back of my car. Apart from the fact it takes an age to set up it causes the car to do less mpg and quite frankly, I don’t feel all that safe with it!

So we use Clumber Park



quite a lot, especially over the summer period and I noticed that they hire out a lot of folding bikes there. If it works for them it’ll work for me. I also thought, seeing as the boys bikes fit on my car boot a folding bike would be idea. And I wasnt wrong, it does!


So far I’ve had it three days and I’ve ridden it several times. It’s very comfortable and easy to ride. In fact I’d go as far to say that I’m really enjoying it.

Havent tested it in Clumber yet but it’s on the cards.


My boys seem to like it!

heres the bikes website http://dahon.com/mainnav/foldingbikes/urban.html

There are however so issues with it. It seems to “crab” a little! I’m not sure if its set up wrong or a fault but I can tell. Also the build quality is a little rubbish! The finish is somewhat cheap looking and easy scratches as I’ve already found out. I have several already !





Brakes are fairly strong and stop quickly. Gears are noisy when changing but work positively. At first I felt a little tense with it because I feared it would fold as I’m riding it but I soon got over that issue. 6 gears are enough and they seemed to be geared correctly for the purpose and the riding position is good. It fits neatly into a bag and is easy to store in the boot of my car.

So to sum up, I’m glad I took the plunge. I bought it on the cycle to work scheme and its costing me a little over £160. It replaced my aging mtb which had seen better days and I hope will give a few years of happy cycling with my growing boys.

Fingers crossed and I would, so far, recommend buying one.


I’ll update the progress in a few months if i remember as to how its going and how it performs after a few “heavy “rides in Clumber.


I lost interest but now….well we’ll see what happens hey?

Ok so I haven’t blogged in a while. I’m sorry but circumstances stopped me and I’ve had a tough old time. But hopefully I’ll try again and we’ll see where it all leads.


Ok so…………………

decided to take advantage of the cycle to work scheme and purchased a bike.

here it is


It’s a mongoose artery comp hybrid, new for 2014 and I love it. Let me fill you in on my history with cycling.

Back when I was a kid cycling was the only way we could all get around. We lived in a remote place and needed bikes to move around. When I left the area I continued riding as an adult using it to cycle to work (20 miles round trip) then for pleasure another 20-30 miles after my shift finished! That was 5 days a week and more riding at the weekend. I loved it. Then I met my future wife and kinda stopped for a few years. Of course piled on the pounds and cycling didn’t have any appeal at all, especially when you are big (see other postings).

Well I began again last year to lose weight (see older postings) and got the bug plus, my youngest boy (whos 8) absolutely loves to ride with his dad so I discovered the joys again. Trouble was the bike I had was now 13 years old and needed to be replaced. Was a tough decision as he likes to ride off road (parks, pavements etc) and I needed something for the road (riding to work every day again). I decided to buy a hybrid and make my older bike last another year until the cycle to work scheme runs out and I’ll get a mtb.

The weather hasn’t really been that good over the winter so it was a little limiting on the ride front (hate cycling in the rain or the wind). I live in the country and its flat. Not a great place if its windy or raining!


2013-08-02 13.22.07This is part of my ride






2013-08-02 14.46.53_20130821204136671


As you can see its a nice place to ride, I love it!

2013-08-04 10.53.58

I miss the hills greatly. Having ground up with hills and riding them daily it makes you very fit. Here it’s flat and can be boring.

People often say to me, it’s easier riding on the flat but they’re wrong. Ok so you have to put lots of effort into going up the hill but you get a rest on the way down, on the flat it’s constant pedaling and no rest! Plus as I’ve said, you’re open to the elements constantly.


Had a little bad luck on a ride last year.

Last year (pre Mongoose) I was riding on a Sunday and things went wrong. I’d been working my way back into doing distance rides and had been building up to 49 mile rides on the Trans Pennine route from Howden to the Humber Bridge.


my ride


I’d ridden quite a few weeks building the miles to the goal of getting to the bridge and back but not actually getting to it as the bike I was using ( a mtb) wasn’t in the best shape and was giving me pains in my back. I’d done 18 miles and had to turn back. That meant another 18 miles suffering home. Done it before so I thought I’d be OK and was until about 5 miles from home. I was just thinking how bad it would be to get a puncture when of course I did!. Got off the bike and removed the inner tube to fix.

What happens next? It pours down and I mean pours down on me!




Great now I’m  tired, wet and my back is killing me.



As I’m fixing the hole a young couple (Australians I think ) asked me if they could help me. I’d finished by then so I declined politely and they went on their way. Then an old lady pedaling at around 2 miles an hour stopped and said to me ” have you got a puncture?” “yes” I replied, “hope I don’t get one” she said. Great that’s helpful I though! She rode off.


I fixed (or so I thought I’d fixed) the puncture and set off. My left leg slipped off the pedals and scraped down the pedal and cut my leg. Great now I’m cold,wet,aching AND bleeding! Only 5 miles to go. psssssssssssssssss mountain_biking_-_cartoon

Tyre goes down as I ride. Arrrrrrhhhhhhhhhh bloody day is getting worse. I decided to pump up the Tyre again and try my luck riding home. All in all I had to stop and re pump up the Tyre 15 times before getting home!


That’s when I gave up cycling for a while as a bad job.

But now I’m back and raring to go again. Summer is coming and there’s the unfinished business of the ride from last year to the Humber bridge and back again. I’m determined to complete the task!





As I’ve said many time on here I’m not a gaming reviewer, these are only my thoughts and ideas.

I thought this new games console was going to revolutionize the gaming industry, allowing for simple games to be accessed on the tv.

Sorry here’s what I’m talking about.

ouya console

As you may or may not know I like gaming. I like all kinds of gaming be it ps3,xbox, wii, mobile,psp- you get the idea. I’ve been an avid fan since the very first Playstation and nearly always loved it( I can go in spurts).

I saw the Ouya on Youtube and I liked the idea of it straight away. For those who don’t know what it is here’s a link to their website


I wont go into details as you can read their website if you are interested.

I do enjoy mobile gaming and thought that maybe if I’m playing a game on my Samsung pad I might be able to continue at home through the Ouya.  Unfortunately this isn’t the case. In fact I can’t find most of the games I like (Real Racing, Rayman etc). Instead I’ve found games that are really really old (Final Fantasy 3) and a bunch of games I’ve never heard of and wouldn’t even look at if I found them in the Google Play store!

main screen ouya  (Ouya interface)

Ok so I’m sure you’re probably questioning why I didn’t do my homework and find out this? Well I did. Lots and lots of it. Trouble is that when you see something on a video or read about it, it’s a whole different kettle of fish to having it in front of you ready for playing.


Ok so as I’ve said, I like the idea of and was sold on it by the motion that you can add emulators by a process called sideloading. Again won’t go into details of it but basically it allows you to have programs that allow you to play old games such as Gameboys, N64, playstation, psp, mame, etc. This allows you (if you know where to get the roms) to play old console games you can no longer buy. That appealed to me because I quite fancied playing these more than the games in the Ouya store. Games I grew up with. Who wouldn’t want to play the original Space Invaders, Robotron, Mario, Galaxian etc

mame games

There’s so many old games out there on the internet to play you could be thinking that (if you’re a gamer) that you’ve died and gone to gaming heaven. But there’s a problem. Most of these games are not available for a reason. They’re only fun for five minutes playtime! Yes that’s right, there’s not really any longevity in them. I’ve many many many roms on my Ouya but I just cant get into many of them. There’s one or two (my ultimate game Robotron is on there and I love it)


Most are just the same type of games just with different types of characters in them. How many times can you play a platform game that appears to be one of the famous games but with just different protagonist?

I actually bought this thinking that I could play as 2 players with my 8 year old son who is into gaming too. You can and  I’ll give the Ouya that as a big plus over the mainstream consoles but he showed very little interest in the Ouya or the games. I could see me and him having fun battling it out on a wet evening, he saw that it wasn’t the ps3!

There are some great things about the Ouya. I like the idea that its open source for anyone to produce games and I like the idea that I can play old games but It’s really very limited unless they start getting big developers to produce something for them. I can see it happening because at present its early days but just for now I really don’t feel that it’s worth the £100 they are asking for it! Shame but I’ve advertised it on ebay. I don’t see us getting much use out of it and it’s just gonna sit there. £100 (with only one controller, £139 with two) is too much money to collect dust!

Im back and my cat is in love with me!

I’ve been away and not for a good reason! At the end of 2013 things took a dive and I had to stop for a litle while but now I’m back and it begins with an issue.
My cat Milly is in love with me!

foto session 14 dec 12 438 (this is Milly, apologies she refuses to sit still for a picture, complaining I won’t get her best side!)

She is I’m telling you!

You see Milly loves to follow me around. She follows me everywhere. She likes to sit by me, she sits by me a lot! She also like to rub up against me. She does that a lot. But most of all, she stares at me for long periods of time! OH yes, she likes to watch me!

foto session 14 dec 12 441


When I go to bed Milly likes to jump on the bed, come right up to my face and purr. She stares, she stares a lot. Now at this point I’m sure you’re thinking she needs food which is why she does this. Believe me she doesn’t. She gets fed regularly!

foto session 14 dec 12 442


Now I have many a sleepless night because when Milly is in the room she decides that now the lights are off it’s time to run around like a  headless-chickens   headless chicken!

Of course, I’ll close the door and close her out, great idea. She scratches at the door, mew ows and bangs against it until I let her in!

But the reason I think she thinks I’m her boyfriend is because she not only kisses my hand ONCE when I stroke her but, in a morning I’m woken up by her licking my nose! Followed by a lengthy session of staring at me whist I get up.


Oil take that bag and oil raise you a dustbin

Thought I’d try and do something slightly different today using pictures where I can to tell the story. Let’s see how it goes?

picture the scene, 1991 and I’m in love. No really! I’ve met a girl and I’m happy. Trouble was I keep tempting fate by doing the dumbest things.

I’d like to share this one with you.

I have a gt. It’s a fast car. In fact its a very fast car and I love  it. I love it so much that I keep up with the maintenance religiously.

This car needed regular oil changes and I decided to change it every couple of months to keep it in tip top condition.

One weekend my girlfriends parents decided to go away for a weekend so  eye     M2_Motorway,_Kent_-_010613 down to stay with my girlfriend. On the way I decided to change the oil the same weekend because they had a new-driveway-frimley that I could use.

Purchased the oil and Drove the her house.

Friday passed and Saturday arrived. Beautiful weather arrived

and a chance to change the oil. yippee.

So, after 30 images (12)  with the oil and filter changed it was time to rid the world of the old oil. One problem, where do I put it?

Then I had a bright light bulb

bin ag  plus dustbin=


Job done huh?

Well I thought so. Hell who’s gonna be bothered?

So that’s what I did. Out of sight out of mind right?

So a week later I’m at home and I get a telephone


“My dad wants to talk with you”

Oh Oh I thought, what have i done?

So off I went to his house.

As I entered the front room I noticed hung up in a corner a t shirt with oilsplattered all over the back of it.

What’s gone on there I wondered?

” I take it you changed the oil in your car whilst I was away” I was asked?

“I did y?” I replied

Well it turns out that he had decided to take the rubbish to the tip because there were more than normal. He had flung the bags over his shoulder and walked down the drive to his car. As he flung the bags over his shoulder the one with the oil in burst but unknowing to him, it oil running all down his back. As he walked down his driveway his wife noticed that this was happening and called out to him

Unfortunately, once he heard her he spun to see what the fuss was about and spattered his own car, the drive and the neighbouirswall with oil!

I left the house 2 a little less trusted than before!

hope you enjoyed my experiment and indeed my story. I can honestly say it was a true story and, although I did eventually marry the girlfriend sadly it didnt last.

Last night I saved the world but today please let it end!!!

Dear god we can do this!


Ok let see. Whats the problem? Ok thats an easy fix. All you have to do is follow the steps I told you the other week.


Yes I know, It isn’t right but thats the way it is!


No she didn’t say that? My god how do they live with themselves?

images (9)

Well the way I see iiiiitt t  ooppsss worng keys hehe

images (10)

Where was I? Oh yes, the way I see it isssssssssssss that they should hav doooone this!

drunk bar stool

Well I mean, if it wasn’t broken then why do thrrrrrrrrrrrrr….shit bloody keys are moviiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnng. See it? what you on about? Oh was I? OOOOOOkkkk welll the way I seeeeee it=  did I say that already?

drunk bar stool

Listen passsss me that botttttttlllllleeeeeeeeeee will yer. Yer It is mine. wanna provooove it?


Nnnnnnoooo IF I weeere managerI’d have sacked emallll


hehe schhhuuuushhh doonhnt teleell the mmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssus

Yer mines;;; a pppinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnt

Flaming hell this no wait that ggiiilllllllrrrrr “hick”  girl is looooking at me


Im offofff ome



Oh dear god let it end! Stop the bloody room from spinning I can’t stand it

download (3)

Whos that?

We drank how much oooooohhhhh I’m gonna be sick

Listen mate I’m telling you, I didn’t offer to lend you £50. I can’t have


Stop shouting, my heads gonna explode.

I’m not driving anywhere at the moment, I don’t think I can stand up.

Stop the world I want to get off! ooooooooooohohhhhh

You see, as much as it sounded a good idea, last nights outing with my good friends Jack, budd and Bailey- I suspect that last night I saved the world but today, please let it end!!!!!!!!!!!

images (11)